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The Enterprise is ideal for close tactical sailing, with a powerful rig offering outstanding performance, especially off wind in breezy conditions. In the event of a capsize, bailers and transom flaps quickly exhaust the water allowing the crew to return to the race. The Enterprise can be easily trailed and managed onshore.

The Rondar Enterprise hull is based on a mould taken from the World Championship winning boat. In 2010 the class approached Rondar Raceboats and the two organisations worked together to produce a new modern deck and internal design to enable better and stronger construction in composite materials. While doing so the layout and look has been change to help with buoyancy and drainage after a capsize.

High density foam sandwich cores and extensive use of advanced construction systems for the hull produce a craft that is unequalled in terms of panel stiffness and strength for its weight. The deck moulding incorporates side buoyancy tanks, thwarts and capping into one rigid moulding to promote overall stiffness.

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