Rondar Viper 640 - Specification
Now a World Sailing Class!

6.40 metres
2.50 metres
8' 2"
Lead keel bulb 100kg
Draft with keel up
1' 10"
Draft with keel down - fully bolted for sailing
4' 6"
Sail Area Main & Jib
23.44 sq. m
252 sq. ft
Sail Area Spinnaker
39.54 sq. m
425 sq. ft
Two, Three or Four
Ideal Weight
Approx 250kg

Why choose the Viper 640?
β€œIt’s a perfect balance of dinghy and keelboat”

If you are looking for the perfect compromise between the performance of a dinghy and the stability of a keelboat, the Viper 640 sportsboat is the answer. The Viper enables you to sail as part of a dinghy fleet or enjoy keelboat racing, with a Portsmouth Yardstick number and an IRC rating. This flexibility makes the Viper a clear winner.

How to Raise your Viper 640 Mast

There are two easy ways to do this

First position your mast with top facing aft and prepare your rigging with the shrouds attached.

Secure a short line from somewhere in the boat at the front of the keel box to the base of the mast, so that it will restrict the mast heel to position it right over the mast step.

Then push the mast up, whilst your assistant takes up the slack, either by tying off the halliard:
1. At the mast and pulling the spinnaker halliard at the bow.
2. At the bow and pulling the spinnaker halliard through the cleat on the mast.

Reverse the exercise to lower the mast.

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