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Now a World Sailing Class!

A proven day sailing keelboat for racing, team racing, match racing, elite paralympic racing and learn-to-sail USA.

Learn to Sail, Learn to Race
Designed by Bruce Kirby (Laser Dinghy) for safe and easy day sailing, it has proven ideal for its purpose. It has a modern rig and sailplan that gives good speed. Sails are standard Dacron and after sailing the yacht can quickly be packed away. The design and construction of the Sonar make it robust and very low maintenance.

One Design Fleet Racing
The Sonar is deal for all types of sailing training and competitive racing. With its sparkling performance, it has been selected by leading yacht clubs and public sailing programs as their preferred keelboat. A large number of new Sonars are being delivered to the Newport USA area during the spring 2015.

Comfortable Wide Cockpit, Stable Hull
The wide self draining cockpit and stable hull form offer a very comfortable and confidence boosting ride in all weather conditions. The keel has a large area offering good direction without drift, and the rudder is large enough to give good steerage in all conditions. Sonar is crew friendly and can be sailed with 3 to 5 crew in all conditions.

Paralympic Keelboat Since 1996
The Sonar became the first choice for the Paralympics sailing programme and will be used in the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016. It is an ISAF Recognised Class, with fleets in many countries around the world.

Worldwide Class Association
The class is supported by a strong Class Association and an active racing programme. Sonar is the choice of leading yacht clubs for their sail training and racing programs.

A Builder with Expertise
Rondar Raceboats have been building championship winning boats for 50 years! We are renowned for the quality of workmanship and our after sales service. In the USA we have a network of dealers and all Rondar boats are supported by a fast and efficient spare parts service.

The Production Process
The Sonar is moulded using the most efficient production process to ensure a light but strong hull and deck. Durability and low maintenance are hallmarks of the Sonar.

Fully Fitted and Ready to Race
The Sonar comes completely fittedout and ready to sail. All controls are in place and all you would normally need to do is to rig the mast, launch the boat, fityour sails and you are off! A standard school fit-out is available to even further enhance the inherent robustness of the boat.

Trailers, Spares and Sails
We also produce and/or supply all the support equipment to complete the package: bespoke road trailer units, spare parts and sails. These are available directly from Rondar Raceboats in the UK and USA.

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