Fly. Try. Buy.

Escape from the cold, rain, snow and ice at home and enjoy a few days in a warm, sunny location! Fly to any of Rondar Raceboats USA’s winter demo sail events to try a Viper 640 3-person sportboat, K6 2-person sportboat, or the new K1 singlehanded keelboat. When you order a new Rondar Raceboat within 90 days, we will credit the cost of your airfare towards the purchase price of your new boat, up to $350.00.

Dates and locations:

January 11-13, US Sailing Center, Miami, FL

February 8-10, US Sailing Center, Miami, FL

March 1-9, US Sailing Center, Miami, FL

April 17-21, Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina, Charleston, SC

Choose your own Date in San Francisco Bay for Viper or K6

Choose your own Date in Long Beach, CA for Viper


To learn more or schedule your time to fly & try, please fill out the form below or call 855.766.3271 ext 4.

Rondar Raceboats will not sell or share your information with any other party, with the possible exception of the relevant Class Association. 
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