505 Class

The Rondar model: Winning 16 world championships since 1993 More wins than any other boat builder

Although designed and introduced in 1953, the 505 is still accepted as one of the most successful and attractive designs with over 9000 craft registered worldwide. Unhindered by selection for the Olympics, the Class has grown steadily to become the premier quality two man racing machine. Backed by an active UK and World Class Association, sailors can enjoy outstanding racing at every level from club to World Championships. Fleets are found at most major sailing venues.

More History can be found at: www.int505.org


Tactically demanding, the 505 excels in all weather conditions and has become a favourite with top helmsmen around the world. Although a large and powerful dinghy, the 505 is stable and forgiving. The wide decks make it one of the most comfortable craft to sail, with good all round visibility. The forward hull form and wide forward flare ensure that it rarely drops its nose into a wave and the 505 has rightly gained the distinction of probably being the best sailing craft for its size in all weather conditions. The spinnaker, launched from a forward tube, boosts performance, offering dazzling rides down the reaches. However this craft requires a high degree of handling competence and tactical ability to achieve winning performance.

More History can be found at: www.int505.org


Rondar Boats have been building the 505 dinghy for over 25 years and are now the predominant builder, winning over 180 national, international and world championships. Numerous innovative improvements to both design and construction have been introduced through our policy of product development.

NEW 2014 MODEL !
Rondar will be producing a new design 505 which will be available from December 2013. The proven hull mould shape will continue, but a new deck will offer more innovative features, building on the performance success of the earlier design.
More details will be posted here as we complete the new moundings and prepare the first version for trials.


Our standard boat features construction with SP Systems epoxy resins with tri-axial cloth. Carbon and kevlar reinforcement are used extensively in high stress areas and vacuum bag foam sandwich construction is used in deck and hull mouldings.